About Us

SonaLume - Fun with Sound and Light!

We are SonaLume.com, the online retail store for SonaLume brand sound and light related products.

Our goals are:

  • Create a place where people can easily find electronic products that entertain through sound and light
  • Start a community of hobbyists, makers, coders and other creative people who can use, change or improve upon SonaLume products
  • Continue to find and create exciting sound and light products

We are driven by customer feedback, so please let us know what sort of products you are looking for. Check our blogs for news and upcoming development contests.

For Developers:

The C development software is available for free from Microchip. Please check out our GitHub site at: https://github.com/SonaLume/S2CE_Firmware for the source code and other information to get started.

COVID Status:

We are open on a part-time basis during the COVID crisis. All items are currently available to order. Most items are assembled after orders at this time. We usually ship within three business days of your order.